Church of Uganda Hospital at Mukono 

Adopted by Rotary Club of   Modesto, Calif               and     Mukono, Ug

Sponsored by:  Dr Phil Openshaw, Modesto, CA

Contact person at the Mukono COU Dental clinic: Kigeundu Michael

Contact at Mukono HC IV:  Mugisha Denis  0772 535 231

Rotary Club contacts:   RC of ModestoRapunzel

RC of Mukono:   Sebuliba Isaac,

About the clinic:  Mukono is about 20 min outside of Kampala.  There are two clinics which we are supporting as part of the Adopt an African Clinic project.  The Church of Uganda Hospital at Mukono is the only hospital we are supporting which is not a Regional Referral Hospital but it is important to the project because 1. It is need of equipment to meet the demands of the area  2. The wonderful PHDO’s, Michael and Leah are very dedicated to improving their capacity to provide restorative services as well as surgical  3. Michael and Leah are willing and excited to team up with the Denis at the Health Center IV which is just across the street from the hospital  4. Both Clinics have a history of providing Outreach services to their community (Denis began Outreach with Drew & Tom Sorenson in 2008)  5. The hospital is in the best location for Dr. Openshaw to provide dental Services for LDS Missionaries.

Because of its location near Mulago Dental School, Mukono was an ideal hospital for Steve Reid to take his team of Medical Equipment Engineers to demonstrate the complete set up of the equipment.  This was done in less than 4 hours on Nov 14, 2013 and was a great teaching experience for both dental and maintenance personnel!  See Pics

Clinical Staff: Kigeundu Michael

Muwanguzi Leah Kiwanuka.  256 775 266 557

HC IV – Mugisha Denis  0772 535 231

Hospital Administration: Medical Superintendent/director Dr Wabwire Dickson 256772856473