Regional Referral Hospital of Mbarara
& MUST – Institute for the Promotion of Oral Health

Adopted by Rotary Club of   Cardston, AB               and Mbarara, Ug

Sponsored by:  Dr Steve Patterson of University of Alberta and

and Dr Dustin Michel of Cardston, AB

Contact person at the clinic:  Dr Dustin Michel,

at the Mbarara University: Dr Steve

Contact person at the RRH Mbarara Dental clinic: Dr Godfrey

at MUST-IPOH –  Dr. Wilfred

Rotary Club contacts:   RC of Cardston:   Pres. Jack Holt     (403) 659-1105

RC of Mbarara: Kateeba Susanne,


About the clinic:  Mbarara RRH and University of Science and Technology

After another 3 hr bus ride (certainly not a Greyhoound), Drew arrived in Mbarara whet her University of Mbarara hosted him in the Mbarara University Inn and immediately went to the Rotary Club of Mbarara to meet with PP Kateeba Susanne and Dr Wilfred Sr. Dental Surgeon at the RRH Dental Clinic.  Drew took an early morning Boba Boda (motorcycle taxi) ride around Mbarara to see this beautiful town of about 50,000.  At 7:40 AM, Oct 25 Dr Wilfred picked him up at the University Inn to visit Mbarara University and RRH and the Rotary Club.  Rotarian PP Kateeba Susanne is very supportive of the project and will work effectively with RC of Cardston to ensure the project progresses well.

Four U of A Dental chairs arrived at the new Hospital and Steve Reid worked with the technicians to install and upgrade the chairs with water and suction.  Meetings were held to facilitate the organization of the Institute for the Promotion of Oral Health with the following excerpts from the minutes:

Mbarara University Institute for the Promotion of Oral Health

Director: Dr Wilfred Kazangaki  with Board Members: Dr Godfrey Kwizera,. and Dr Drew Cahoon

Mission: to Promote Oral Health through Research, Education, Capacity Building and Outreach

Aim: to become a World Class Institute through networking and collaboration with Universities, NGOs, Industries and Governments who recognize the value of promoting Oral Health as the primary and most cost effective means of reducing oral disease globally.

All Meetings and Symposia will be punctual and follow a written agenda!

Collaborating agencies: Mbarara University, Adopt an African Clinic, Rotary International, University of Alberta and the Uganda Ministry of Health.

Other Institutions to become involved: Makerere University, Harvard University, University of Maryland, Colgate Uganda, University of Rwanda, all Dental Schools in East Africa.

Resources available for Dental Courses:

  1. Clinic with 5 well functioning chairs – suitable for a course of 15 participants
  2. All chairs will be fully functional operatories
  3. Lecture rooms with laptops and projectors
  4. Staff prepared for both clinical and didactic training
  5. Fully supported by Adopt an African Clinic
  6. All courses will begin with training on equipment maintenance and repair (sustainability)

Areas of focus in Research and Education:

  1. Improving Capacity through equipment maintenance, clinical organization and procedure set up
  2. Incidence and Prevention of Fluorosis
  3. Incidence and Prevention of Dental Mutilation
  4. Rotary Dental Outreach – Improving Methods and Collecting Data
  5. ART in the Classroom and the Clinic
  6. Improving Oral Health with Dental Sealants
  7. Developing and Utilizing Ugandan Visual Aides for OHI
  8. Reducing Caries and Sensitivity with Dental Varnishes

Upcoming Courses:

  1. Periodontal Scaling, Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealants – Feb 27 -30, 2014
    1. MUST – IPOH – will donate OHI Visual Aids to the RRHs
    2. MUST – IPOH– will teach a two hour class on Dental Sealants – Dr Godfrey
    3. MUST – IPOH – will give clinical instruction and materials to RRH attendees
  2. Restorative Dentistry – Amalgam and Composite Restorations  Feb 17 -20, 2014
    1. MUST – IPOH – Hosts the course
    2. MUST – IPOH – Provides instruments and materials for RRHs
      1. For Amalgam, Composite and Sealants
    3. MUST – IPOH – Provides instruction in Sealants and Varnishes
    4. MUST – IPOH – Provides Equipment Maintenance Instruction
  3. Restorative Dentistry Refresher Course for Instructors – June, 2014
    1. To train instructors at RRHs – review of Feb Course

The above notes are guidelines to be improved upon as we progress the cause of MUST – IPOH.

Drew Cahoon, BSc, DDS