Regional Referral Hospital of Masaka

Adopted by Rotary Club of   Raymond, AB               and Masaka, Ug

Sponsored by:  Dr Armes Perrott of Medicine Hat, AB and Miss Alivia Cahoon of Medicine Hat with her Gandma Joanne Cahoon

Contact person:  Dr Armes Perrott

Contact person at the Masaka Dental clinic: Nalukanga Eroni

Rotary Club contacts:   RC of Raymond:  Dr Drew Cahoon

RC of Masaka: Goerge William Ssozi

Current Club Pres- PHDO Atwongyere Hillary

About the clinic:  Masaka RRH Dental Clinic is led by the very capable and pleasant Sr PHDO Nalukanga Eroni (we call here Erin), the 2013/14 Rotary Club President is a PHDO at the clinic and will add greatly to our ability to achieve our goals for the clinic!  I know that this clinic will be one of the best and most productive clinics in the country once we give them capacity to do perform Restorative Dentistry!  On Oct 24, Drew took an early morning 3 hr.  bus ride to Masaka where he met with Sr. PHDO Nalukanga Eroni (Erin) and her amazing team of dental clinicians and by Past Rotary President George Ssozi.  Masaka has one working chair and compressor as well as an X-ray machine but they are not capable of performing restorative dentistry because of the lack of instruments and equipment.  They will receive two U of A Chairs, compressors and VRs.  The clinic is proudly sponsored by Dr. Armes Perrott and Dr. Cahoon’s granddaughter, Alivia Cahoon (9 yrs.) both of Medicint Hat, Alberta and the Rotary Club of Raymond.

Clinical Staff: More info needed

Hospital Administration: More info needed