Regional Referral Hospital of Kabale

Adopted by Rotary Club of   Raymond, AB        and Kabale, Ug

Sponsored by:  Dr. Greg Smith, Physician from Raymond, AB

Contact person:   Dr. Greg Smithglsmith7@telus.net

Contact person at the Kabale Dental clinic: Turyatunga Denis denisturyatunga@yahoo.com  782 520 214

Rotary Club contacts:   RC of Raymond:  Dr Drew Cahoon dgcahoon@gmail.com

RC of Kabale:  Benjamin Mayanja  benmayanja@yahoo.com 786 242 530

About the clinic:  After another 3 hr bus ride from Mbarara, Drew was met at the “taxi stand” at Kabale by Dr Turytunga Denis and taken directly to Kbalel RRH.  The dental clinic has one partially functional chair and another which does not work.  They have a working X-ray machine but no film or developer and few dental instruments other than surgical.  Rotary Club PP Benjamin Mayanja was not available this Fri late afternoon but after speaking with him a few times, he is well aware of the project and is anxious to participate fully!

We met Dr Wanyama John, head of obstetrics at Kbale RRH who is very excited to hear that Dr Greg Smith (a generous Physician and Bishop in the LDS Church from Raymond, AB) is the sole sponsor of the clinic at Kabale and is looking forward to work with and give support to Kbale RRH.  On a tour of the maternity ward (12 – 22 deliveries per day) we learned that women who have a normal delivery leave the hospital within 3 hrs of delivery.  Women delivering by caesarian are admitted for 3 to 5 days.  Electricity was off when we toured the ward and warmers and incubators were not working  – generators are only turned on during “emergency” situations.  Dr John hopes that Raymond can help them get warming lights and incubators that can be powered by solar panels or give other help to their very busy and underfunded hospital.


Clinical Staff: Apollo Mukiza   diamukiza@yahoo.com

Ayebare Bruce  bruceonline8m@yahoo.com

Hospital Administration: more info needed