Regional Referral Hospital of Hoima

Adopted by Rotary Club of    Drumheller, AB              and      Hoima, Ug

Sponsored by:  Drs. Ralph Thompson & Justin Kerr of Three Hills Dental Clinic & Dr David McCue of Red Deer

Contact: Dr. Ralph Thompson rsthompson49@gmail.com

In Charge contact person at the Hoima dental clinic:

Dr Byaruhanga Simon  256 772 552 181 or
Dr Wobusobozi John   hateconsult@gmail.com

Rotary Club contacts:  Drumheller: Brent Pedersen bpedersen@bytesurfer.ca

Hoima Kitara: John Kiberu  kiberu.john@yahoo.com

About the clinic:  Hoima is about a 4 hr drive north of Kampala but I unfortunately, boarded the bus at 7:30 only to find that the bus didn’t leave until 9:15 when it was full.  We had several detours along the way and instead of arriving at noon as I had supposed, I arrived at 2:30.   Both Dr. Simon and Dr John were away that day and Alice who I had told I would meet at noon had to leave at 2 PM so I was delighted to visit with Betty and her Assistant.  Since I was so late, I had to visit for only a few min and run to my bus leaving for Lira.  So I have only one picture of Betty and her assistant.  I am sure that under better circumstances I would enjoy Hoima Clinic and the way they will be renovating prior to installation of the equipment.

Clinical Staff: Dr. Simon, Dr. John, Alice and Betty

Hospital Administration: