Regional Referral Hospital of Gulu

Adopted by Rotary Club of   St Goerge, UT        and Gulu, Ug

Sponsored by:  Dr. Phil Hall, St George, UT and Dr. Jeff Malyon, Bellevue, WA

Contact person:   Dr. Jeff Malyon or

Contact person at the Fort Portal Dental clinic: Okee Joseph

Rotary Club contacts:   RC of St George:  Richard Isom

RC of Gulu:  Kenneth Akena

About the clinic:  Drew’s visit to Gulu was very rushed and will be of little value to the sponsors.  The RC of Gulu met the evening I arrived (6 PM Tue) and I was able to go for fellowship and meet with PP Kenneth Okee and receive their Gulu banner.  Elder & Sis Moore were most gracious hosts, attended the RC meeting and went to the RRH Dental Clinic to visit with Okee Joseph and his dental staff.  Unfortunately, Drew had to leave early Wed morning to catch the bus to Arua.  The Malyon family are very familiar with Gulu and I am sure they will be able to share pictures and information about the town.  We will modify the Gulu webpage once we have more information.

Clinical Staff: More info needed

Hospital Administration: more info needed