Fort Portal

Regional Referral Hospital of Fort Portal

Adopted by Rotary Club of   Raymond, AB               and Kabarole, Ug (Fort Portal)

Sponsored by:  Deer Valley Dental Care – Drs. Dave Robertson, George Spencer, Henry Lam,                 Greg Cahoon

Contact person:  Dr George Spencer,  <>

Contact person at the Fort Portal Dental clinic: Dr Kaliisa Oscar,

Rotary Club contacts:   RC of Raymond:  Drew Cahoon

RC of Kabarole:  Angella Bahenzire,

About the clinic:  Fort Portal is one of Uganda’s nicer towns, north of Queen Elizabeth Park and near the DR Congo border a 7 hr bus ride from Kampala or a 1 hr plane ride from Entebbe.  Dr. Oscar is well-organized and a pleasant host.  The hospital has a public and a private wing.  Until Jan 2014, only extractions and glass ionomer temporary fillings are provided at the hospital.  Like most RRHs they are struggling to determine hoe to have a fee for service vs a fee for materials.  We will solve the problem in Feb 2014 with a universal fee guide for RRHs.  We met with Rotary officials in the evening and had a pleasant discussion of future collaboration between Rotary and Fort Portal Hospital.

Clinical Staff: More info needed

Hospital Administration: more info needed