Regional Referral Hospital of Arua

Adopted by Rotary Clubs of:   Lacombe, AB     and   Arua, Ug

Sponsored by:   Lacombe Dental Clinic – Drs. Paul West, Mike Lowry & Terrence Rawlyck

Contact person: Paul West E-mail:

In Charge contact person at Arua dental clinic: Dr. Robert Candia  E-mail:

Rotary Club contacts: Lacombe: Paul West  E-mail:

Aurua:  Royce Gloria Androa  E-mail:

Getting there: Nov 0, 2013, I was driven to the Gulu “Taxi” at 7:30 AM by the LDS Missionaries, Elder & Sister Moore expecting to leave for Arua before 8 AM but it was just before 9 when the taxi-mini-van was filled with the required 18 to 20 passengers and we were off to Arua via the more direct but definitely – the road less travelled.  It is only about 150 km but it took about 5 hours – the first half of the journey were horrible roads but I travelled with the most pleasant group I can remember travelling with.  We stopped several times for someone to buy bananas or pineapple wedges and share them with the other passengers. The second half of the journey was on a nice paved highway.  It was an enjoyable trip, especially when I was met by Arua Clinic team leader Dr Robert Candia and his hospital driver who toured me around the nice town of Aura near the boarders of RR Congo and S Sudan.  We visited the Airport where I am told I could have flown from Entebbe round trip for just over $200 in less than 1 ½ hrs.

About the clinic:  The Clinic is part of RRH of Arua which is near town center. They had two chairs, one in poor condition.  There is no restorative dental work done except for glass ionomer temporary restorations.  The Rotary Club is very happy to paint the rooms so the clinic is appropriately ready for the new equipment from U of A.  There is a very active Rotary Club who met with me the evening I arrived and we discussed the need for their support and cooperation with the RC of Lacombe AB to ensure that Dental Outreaches, and restorative treatment is provided here in Arua.  I am sure that Arua will be one of our very best clinics within a year.  They look forward to visits from Dr West and his partners from Lacombe.

Clinical Staff: info needed

Hospital Administration: info needed