N American Rotary Clubs

What is the Role of the Rotary Clubs from North America?

  1. Each North American Rotary Club will team up with a Rotary Club from one of the towns listed above.
    1. Any NA Clubs already working with one of the above Ugandan Clubs have priority to continue working together.
    2. PDG Chris Mutalya will help pair Ugandan and NA Clubs
    3. Dr. Drew Cahoon of the RC or Raymond and Adopt an African Clinic will help coordinate the work by the paired Clubs.
  2. Each NA Club will commit to raise at least $8000 by August 31, 2014 and will open communication with the Club in Uganda it is paired with.
    1. Encourage dentists within their club constituency to plan a service mission to Uganda to work with and mentor staff at their Referral Hospital in Uganda in 2014.
      1. Many dentists in N America (especially dentists with mature practices) are looking for service opportunities in Africa.
      2. Ugandan Dental Surgeons and Public Health Officers (Dental Therapists) would love to work with and be mentored by successful NA Dentists, Hygienists or dental assistants.
    2. Encourage other non-dental Rotarians to participate in innovative ways to sustain the goals of the Regional Hospital they are sponsoring.
      1. There are other needs of the hospital which can be explored through the collaboration of the Rotary Clubs.
  3. The Collaborating Rotary Clubs will use the funds that they have raised and through the multiplying effect of networking, receiving donations in kind, receiving discounts from suppliers , etc. to ensure that the Dental Clinic at the Regional Referral Hospital is equipped and prepared to provide Preventive and Restorative Dental Services by May 2014.  This must be coordinated through Dr. Cahoon and the RC of Raymond.
  4. The participating Rotary Clubs of Uganda will work with the Dentals staff of their Regional Hospitals to ensure that the donated equipment, instruments and supplies are properly inventoried and used for the purposes of this collaborative effort.
  5. The project’s Rotary Clubs of Uganda will work with Mulago Dental School to organize with the other clubs an “Annual Rotary Dental Camp” which will provide free dental consultation, Oral Hygiene Instruction, extractions of painful teeth and restoration of carious teeth to local residence of the Regional Hospital.  We anticipate that this will be a Saturday and Sunday in May each year and it will be part of a National Program.
  6. It is clear that this venture will open the door to programs in other medical and non-medical disciplines which will benefit the people of Uganda within each Referral Hospital District.

Rotarian, Dr Drew Cahoon began working in Uganda in 2004.  He has provided orthodontic training and treatment at Mengo Hospital, as well as establishing several Rotary Dental Initiatives throughout E Africa.  In 2005 he applied for and utilized a Rotary 3-H Grant as part of a $1,200,000 renovation of the Dental School at Mulago in collaboration with the RC of Kampala North and continued an ongoing Outreach Program in the Districts fo Jinja, Mukono, Wakisso, Mpigi and Masaka.

In 2009, Drew was asked by Dr. Ibra Muhumuza, Chair of the Dental School Rwanda to help improve their educational capacity and facilitate the Hospitals in Nyamata, Rwamagana, Ruhengeri, Gesenyi, Kabgayi and Butare to provide Preventive and Restorative Dental services.  He has brought 45 Adec Dental Chairs from NAIT and U of A in Edmonton to Kigali Health Institute and 18 provincial and district hospitals throughout Rwanda.  His organization AdoptanAfricanClinic.org has provided 13 Dental Courses, Hundreds of hours of mentoring for local Dental Surgeons and Dental Therapists as well as providing over $200,000 worth of dental instruments and supplies to these clinics.  He has just completed a 40 hour workshop provided by Bruce Benzel, Calgary Territorial Manager for A-dec Dental Equipment to enable 18 Rwandan Medical Equipment Techs to Install, Repair and Maintain their dental equipment.
Rotarian Drew is honored to facilitate this great Rotary Oral Health Initiative in Uganda.