Rwandan Sponsors

We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Raymond, Alberta; LDS Humanitarian Services; the Academy of LDS Dentists and Deseret International for their financial and logistical support of the work we are doing in East Africa.

New Dimension Dental Clinic of Calgary, Alberta -Rwamagana Hospital, Rubona Health Center & ASYV
Dr Brent Fairbanks and Dr Troy Michelson have contributed $24,000 to adopt the dental Clinic at the Rwamagana Hospital. They are the official dentists for Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (high school and home for 500 orphans of the 1994 Genocide) and were influential in the establishment of the dental clinic at Rubona Health Center. Dr Brent Faibanks and his wife Julie mentored the staff at Rwamagana & Nyamata for two weeks in February 2012. Dr Troy Michelson and his wife Charmaine mentored the Rwamagana & Nyamata staff for two weeks in October 2012 and in Feb 2013 they mentored the Rwamagana staff for one week and the Kabgayi Staff during their second week in Rwanda.  Brent and Troy will continue to support and mentor their Rwmagana and Rubona Clinics for years to come.

Dr Tom Sorensen, Pediatric Dentist from Murray, Utah – Butare University Hospital

Tom has contribute $20,000 to Adopt the Dental Clinic at the Butare University Hospital.  He has traveled to E Africa 5 times, assisted in the teaching of 3 courses and has Mentored the staff at Butare Dental Clinic on two, two week missions to Rwanda.  Tom brought his Son Dr. Tyler Sorensen, of Philideplphia in 2012 to work with him to teach and mentor at Butare.

Arbour Lake Dental Clinic of Calgary Alberta – Nyamata Hospital

Dr Don Miller and Dr Ian Miller have contributed $24,000 to Adopt the Dental Clinic at Nyamata District Hospital.  They began to develop a simplified Endodontic program which would have trained our Dental Therapists at each of our District Hospitals to save hundreds of abscessed front teeth throughout Rural Rwanda.  We abandoned the program in December 2012 because of the political ramifications of teaching the technique to Dental Therapists – we thank them for their willingness to develop the program.

Dr Ronn Gibb led a team of 10 Edmonton, Alberta Clinics – Gesneyi Hospital
–      Dr. Ronn Gibb, Dr. Neil Thakore, Dr. Doug Stringham, Dr. Neal Palmer, Dr. Deb Crowfoot, Dr. Gord Poznikoff, Dr. Andrew Wong, Century Park Dental Clinic, Dr. Andrew Mather

Dr Ronn Gibb and his team each contributed $2,400 to adopt the Gesenyi Hospital Dental Clinic.  Dr Ronn Gibb, his wife Wendy and Edmonton Hygienist Karen Albert assisted in teaching the courses at Kigali Health Institute In Feb 2012 as well as mentoring the staff at Gesenyi Hospital during their second week in Rwanda.  Ronn s brother Dr Kent Gibb (retired Instructor and dentist at University of Alberta) produced the PowerPoint Amalgam and Composite courses which were taught at KHI January and October 2012 respectively.

Dr Bryan Murray and Dr Paul Hall of Lethbridge, Alberta – Kabgayi Hospital

Dr Bryan Murray and Dr Paul Hall each contributed $10,000 to adopt the Dental Clinic at Kabgayi Hosptial in Guitarama, Rwanda.  Dr Bryan Murray and his wife Janet visited Rwanda for a week in February 2012 and mentored the staff at Kabgayi Hospital.  They plan to return in 2014.  Dr Paul Hall has actively supported the Adopt an African Clinic but has been unable to visit Rwanda due to the poor health of his father.

We would also like to thank Dr Dick Reckmyer of Rural Rwanda Dental for bringing his team of Dr. Kit Neacy of LA, California, Ms Maurine Nunn of California, Dr Dennis Clarke of Henderson Nevada and Dr Bob Lindinger and his wife and hygienist Shirl Simkins of Flagstaff, AZ.  This wonderful team of Humanitarians were such a powerful influence on the work we were able to accomplish during our Perio, Outreach and Amalgam Courses at Kigali Health Institute and in mentoring the staff at Rwamagana, Kigali and Gitarama.

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