Regional Visit 2013

Visiting Our Regional Referral Hospitals Oct 2013

Minister of Health, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & Past District Governor of Rotary District 9200 and the Rotary Club of Raymond

After meeting with Dr Habanjja  Juliet (Chief Dental Surgeon), Dr Isaac Okullo (Dean of Health Sciences) and Elder and Sister Hanson (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and Chris Mutalua (Past DG of Rotary District 9200), Dr Cahoon Visited with the    Minister  of  Health    Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda (DR.)   to formally thank the LDS Church for donating the transportation of the 40 ft container  Donated by the Rotary Club of Raymond, filled with 37 dental Chairs, compressors, voltage regulators and other needed equipment for our 13 RRHs throughout Uganda.  The Memorandum of Understanding was reviewed and approved and Dr Rugunda who declared it valid and to be signed by Dr Lukwago Asuman (Under Permanent Secretary MOH) and by Dr Drew Cahoon of the Rotary Club of Raymond.


The Ministry of Health has determined that (because Mukono is a Church of Uganda Hospital, not a Regional Referral Hospital), so we will place one chair at the Hospital and one at the Health Center IV.  Drew met with Sebuliba Isaac at his office at Mulago Hospital to discuss the impact and responsibilities of the dental chairs and equipment coming to Mukuno and the partnership with Dr Phil Openshaw and the Rotary Club of Modesta California.

Drew was greeted by Michael and Leah, PHDO’s and by ___________, Director at Mukono COU Hosp.  They are very happy to be part of this partnership.  Drew and Michael then visited Denis Mugisha PHDO  at Mukono’s   Health Center IV.   The HC IV will receive the COU’s dental chair and the COU will have both U of A chairs so that the installation and maintenance of a single model of chair can be facilitated by the medical equipment engineer at Mukuno COU Hosp.

Masaka Regional Referral Hospital

On Oct 24, Drew took an early morning 3 hr.  bus ride to Masaka where he met with Sr. PHDO Nalukanga Eroni (Erin) and her amazing team of dental clinicians and by Past Rotary President George Ssozi.  Masaka has one working chair and compressor as well as an X-ray machine but they are not capable of performing restorative dentistry because of the lack of instruments and equipment.  They will receive two U of A Chairs, compressors and VRs.  The clinic is proudly sponsored by Dr. Armes Perrott and Dr. Cahoon’s granddaughter Alivia Cahoon (9 yrs.) both of Medicint Hat, Alberta and the Rotary Club of Raymond.

Pics C (To Be added)

  1. Drew with Erin
  2. PP George and Drew
  3. Drew with 4 of the 5 Masaka Dental Clinic Staff
  4. Drew with Sr Hosp Administrator ___________

Mbarara RRH and University of Science and Technology

After another 3 hr bus ride (certainly not a Greyhound), Drew arrived in Mbarara whet her University of Mbarara hosted him in the Mbarara University Inn and immediately went to the Rotary Club of Mbarara to meet with PP Kateeba Susanne and Dr Wilfred Sr. Dental Surgeon at the RRH Dental Clinic.  Drew took an early morning Boba Boda (motorcycle taxi) ride around Mbarara to see this beautiful town of about 50,000.  At 7:40 AM, Oct 25 Dr Wilfred picked him up at the Inn to visit Mbarara University and RRH.  The discussions throughout the day focused on the possibility of creating an Institute for the Oral Health at Mbarara University.  Everyone we talked with was supportive of the idea.  Canada already has input in preventive services with University of Calgary’s Collaboration with Mbarara University through their program “the Healthy Child”.  I believe that Dr Steve Paderson at UofA Dental School will be able to add a great deal to promote oral health in E Africa!

Pics. D (To Be added)

  1. Clinical and Administrative Staff at Mbarara RRH Dental Clinic
  2. A Short PowerPoint presentation for PP Susanne, Joseph (PHDO), Dr Wilfred and Dr. Godfrey
  3. Mbarara’s working dental chair
  4. The other chair
  5. Mbarara’s new University Hosp
  6. Clinical area for their 4 UofA Chairs
  7. With the Vice Chancellor Dr Pamela K Mbabazi


Kabale RRH

After another 3 hr bus ride from Mbarara, Drew was met at the “taxi stand” at Kabale by Dr Turytunga Denis and taken directly to Kbalel RRH.  The dental clinic has one partially functional chair and another which does not work.  They have a working X-ray machine but no film or developer and few dental instruments other than surgical.  Rotary Club PP Benjamin Mayanja was not available this Fri late afternoon but after speaking with him a few times, he is well aware of the project and is anxious to participate fully!

We met Dr Wanyama John, head of obstetrics at Kbale RRH who is very excited to hear that Dr Greg Smith (a generous Physician and Bishop in the LDS Church from Raymond, AB) is the sole sponsor of the clinic at Kabale and is looking forward to work with and give support to Kbale RRH.  On a tour of the maternity ward (12 – 22 deliveries per day) we learned that women who have a normal delivery leave the hospital within 3 hrs of delivery.  Women delivering by caesarian are admitted for 3 to 5 days.  Electricity was off when we toured the ward and warmers and incubators were not working – generators are only turned on during “emergency” situations.  Dr John hopes that Raymond can help them get warming lights and incubators that can be powered by solar panels or give other help to their very busy and underfunded hospital.