1 Equipment from Canada

October 2011

Adopt an African Clinic: Part ONE

Dan & Jeremy unloading at KHI


We arrived in Rwanda Oct 14 ready to install the equipment that we received from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) at Kigali Health Institute (KHI) and the six rural hospitals which have agreed to the principles contained in our Memorandum of Understanding.





NAIT equipment bound for Nyamata




We are delighted to have agreements with the hospitals at Nyamata, Rwamagana, Gutarama (Kabgayi), Butare, Gesenyi and Ruhengeri.  Each clinic welcomed us at KHI the week of October 16 with a truck and returned to their hospital with their new equipment.



Jeremy instructs at Nyamata

Jeremy Pryer our equipment techician from Victoria, BC was able to spend a week with us for training and installing equipment.





Dan assembles chair at Kabgayi


Dan McRichie our amazing carpenter from St Albert Alberta, spent two weeks unloading and installing equipment and ensuring the dental suites were prepared for Part Two of our program in February 2012.

Outreach at Rwamagana

Training Dr Didier and staff at Butare








While Jeremy and Dan were busy installing equipment, Dr Drew Cahoon worked with the staff at each of the 6 clinics to ensure that they understood their role in this ground-breaking work in Rwanda.




Adopt an African Clinic will bring each clinic from 98% extraction to 65% prevention and restorative based dentistry by August 2013.







Butare with x-ray unit






Each Dental Therapist has completed a three year course at KHI and has an understanding of the theory of each aspect of prevention and restoration of teeth but has never had the equipment, instruments or means to ensure the sustainability of providing such services.



Outreach at Rwamagana

Rwamagan Outreach

Elsie's OHI

Each clinic was given at least one ART kit which has all the instruments and supplies necessary to visit a school, provide Oral Hygiene Instruction, provide screening for each 6th Grade class and excavate caries and fill the teeth with Glass Ionomer Cement (FujiIX) right there within their classroom.



Balloon after OHI

A.R.T. Set-up

ART in the Classroom

We were able to go on two outreaches while in Rwanda to provide training for those who had not seen the program previously.  Each of the other clinical staff spent at least two hours with Dr C as he reviewed each aspect of the program.  We are now ready for Part Two of Adopt an African Clinic!