2 Clinton Health Access Initiative

Dr Agnes Binawaho MoH & Dr. Ira Magaziner CHAI

In May 2011, Dr Drew Cahoon was invited to participate in the the Clinton Health Access Initiative to work with Rwanda’s Ministry of Health and leading health professionals from America and Rwanda to facilitate the modernization of Rwanda’s Medical education and clinical services.  The Harvard team of  Dentists Jane Barrows, Brittany Seymour, Valli Meeks and Drew  worked with Steven Micetic (CHAI) as facilitator and our hosts from Kigali Health Institute Drs. Muhumuza, Mumena and Moses laid out a three tiered dental education system Rwanda which if implemented would be a model for many developing countries in Africa and throughout the world.

Dental Team at CHAI Headquarters

The proposal would begin July 2012 with 40 students entering a program which after the first year would graduate 15 dental assistants, 20 Therapists after 3 years and the first five dentists educated in Rwanda would graduate in 2017.  The eight member panel’s diligent efforts paid significant dividends by producing a five-year curriculum outline and establishing team camaraderie and liaison which will facilitate tremendous strides in dental education and increased capacity for dental services in Rwanda for decades to come.

Team at Kanombe Military Hospital

Brittany, Drew, Mumena, Jane & Valli at Kanombe